New OSCILLOTRON “Cataclysm” (Cine 16) release date May 27th!

Here is the trailer for the new Oscillotron album – “Cataclysm”, premiering the artwork and a few minutes of music from the opening track. The album comes out in May 2016 on LP/CD/Digital through Cineploit. It can be pre-ordered now on black vinyl, coloured vinyl and/or CD through The full album, which includes 7 tracks at a total 40 minutes, is a natural progression from the first album “Eclipse” (2013) and further explores the universe of 70’s electronic music and old school horror/sci-fi film scores combined in a broodingly unsettling manner.
Different album versions are available, LP/CD, LP only or CD. This time we will have 250 copies as 3-coloured Vinyl and 250 black. The coloured Vinyl Version will only be available through Cineploit direct.


ZOLTAN “Sixty Minute Zoom” Shipping now!!!!!

Zoltan “Sixty Minute Zoom” LP/CD and Digi shipping now!!!!!

Gatefold LP/2CD Set (50 copies) – solid black 180g Vinyl in black polylined Innersleeves    including album on CD plus “Psychomania” CD – 20,- Euro – direct from Cineploit only!

Gatefold LP/CD Set (250 copies) – solid black 180g Vinyl in black polylined Innersleeves    including album on CD – 18,- Euro

Gatefold LP (200 copies) – solid black 180g Vinyl in black polylined Innersleeves – 17,- Euro

Mint Pack CD (500 copies) – 10,- Euro

all prices without shipping – get in touch to get your rate!

First Review on Rashomon´s “The Cameraman´s Revenge”

George Pacheco for the Boston Examiner

Rashomon is an eccentric side project of Londo-based musician Matt Thompson – who also provides heart-pounding synth soundscapes under the moniker of fellow Cineploit Records artist Zoltan – a dense and challenging outfit which takes the classic approach of „film music“ and tosses it on ist ear.

„The Cameraman´s Revenge“ is the latest  Rashomon effort from Thompson and impresses big time with it´s carefully textured and densely layered approach to cinematic soundscapes. Thompson is diligent and thougthful in his composition, utilizing multiple instruments to create atmospheres which vary from malevolent and suspensful to haunting, beautiful and even occasionally humorous. Mellotron, Fender Rhodes, Jew Harp and MiniMoog meet the comparatively „traditional“ instrumentation of guitars, bass and drums to create mood music which can be tribal and discordant one minute, to subtly beautiful in the blink of an eye.

The success of Rashomon must certainly be laid squarely at the feet of Thompson´s impeccable eye for quality, as well as his obvious love for the classic cinematic music of Italy, Spain, America and of course, his native England. „The Cameraman´s Revenge“ takes it´s influence from Italian giallo and suspense cinema – particularly Ennio Morricone´s dissonant score fort he Enzo Castellari film „Cold Eyes of Fear“ – while also providing detours into psychodelic rock passages which wouldn´t sound out of place on a Popol Vuh soundtrack for a Werner Herzog film starring Klaus Kinksi.

There is also a certain playfulness to Thompson´s compositional style, one which lends itself almost to the cut and paste sound collage style of Norwegian weirdos When and Bogus Blimp. Each track here takes numerous detours during it´s sonic journey, never allowing the listener too much comfort as „The Cameraman´s REvenge“ plies it´s musical trade with a schizophrenic sense of style.

So yes, „The Cameraman´s Revenge“ may prove tob e uneasy listening at times, but the treasures which are revealed through conscious effort and patience from the listener should prove to be boundless when it comes to the sonic danger which is Rashomon.

Review at Boston Examiner

Experimental Film “Das Buffet ist eröffnet” feat. music by Thelema

Das Buffet ist eröffnet (The buffet is open) is an experimental short movie directed by american artist Daviel Shy and shot on location in Vienna. First screening at the Mix NYC – The New York Queer Experimental Film/Video Festival November 12-17th 2013 in New York City

The movie is featuring music by THELEMA – thanks goes to Daviel and best wishes for her project!

New releases out July 29th!

THELEMA “Ephemerol” (Exploit 03) and ZOLTAN “Psychomania” (Exploit 04) will be released July 29th. Both will be Vinyl only and stricly limited to 350 copies. The two releases will be on 180g heavy Vinyl – Thelema in yellow/brownish marbled colour and Zoltan in green marbled splatter colour. We will pictures as soon as they are available – preorders allready welcome!

OSCILLOTRON “Eclipse” out now & shipping!

Oscillotron´s Debut Album “Eclipse” in stock now!!!

Release date 11th March all pre orders will ship this week!

LP on 180g solid black Vinyl, black Innersleeves, sealed

LP/CD Set 250 copies

20,- € incl. priority shipping all Europe & Russia

25,- € incl. airmail shipping worldwide

Digi CD

15,- € incl. priority shipping all Europe & Russia

18,- € incl. airmail shipping worldwide

Once the LP/CD Set is sold out there will be another 250 LP only!