MARCELLO GIOMBINI / JOE D´AMATO Tribute 7″ by Deak Ferance & Roger Conrad

Cineploit is very proud to announce another fantastic 7″ EP to be released this summer!

This one will be a MARCELLO GIOMBINI / JOE D´AMATO Tribute 7″ EP by DEAK FERANCE & ROGER CONRAD featuring 3 wonderful tracks originally composed by Marcello Giombini for 2 movies you HAVE TO KNOW by Joe’ d Amato (Aristide Massaccesi) which is “Antropophagus” and “Le Notti Erotiche dei morti Viventi” !!!

More on this release soon, in the meantime please enjoy Le Notti Erotiche dei morti Viventi

LUCIO FULCI Tribute deluxe 7″ EP this summer on Cineploit!

This summer, together with the ZOLTAN release, I can proudly announce a magnificient 7″ EP release with 2 epic cover songs by FABIO FRIZZI and WALTER RIZZATI for films by Maestro LUCIO FULCI – The Beyond and House by the Cemetery!

Please sit back and enjoy the brandnew Video for this upcoming Single!

Lucio Fulci Tribute 7″ EP