ORGASMO SONORE & SOSPETTO Release Date 5th November!!!!

It is with great pleasure to announce the release date of our final releases for 2012 and these two will be absolute stunning & wonderful ones!!!!

Cine 04 will be ORGASMO SONORE “Revisiting obscure Film music Vol. 2”

and simultaneously 

Cine 05 SOSPETTO “Segni misteriosi, con il sangue dipinto sul muro”

Both releases are full length LP´s and the first 250 copies will include a Bonus CD of the album. There will be also an limited edition of 250 Digi´s released

Presales are starting soon so keep coming back and stay tuned!  You won´t regret it, two Masterpieces are coming!!!

ORGASMO SONORE contributing music to Spanish Movie “Summertime”!

Summertime is a fantasy comedy about a hard weekend where two attractive girls are locked in a big house with swimming pool… and probably with ghosts.

The film is produced and directed by Norberto Ramos del Val, creator of films as diverse as MUERTOS COMUNES, Hienas or El último fin de semana.

Orgasmo Sonore provided 2 songs, Summertime Bossa, a original composition which has been named after the movie and will feature on Volume 2 LP released by Cineploit, and Lesbian Heat, a cover from an obscure erotic spanish movie requested by the producer.