New releases out July 29th!

THELEMA “Ephemerol” (Exploit 03) and ZOLTAN “Psychomania” (Exploit 04) will be released July 29th. Both will be Vinyl only and stricly limited to 350 copies. The two releases will be on 180g heavy Vinyl – Thelema in yellow/brownish marbled colour and Zoltan in green marbled splatter colour. We will pictures as soon as they are available – preorders allready welcome!

Upcoming Releases!

Finally we can give you a rough schedule about our forthcoming releases! We will start late July with 2 releases in our Exploit series.

Exploit 03 will be THELEMA´s Tribute to David Cronenberg´s movie Scanners simply  titled “Ephemerol”. Music influenced and dedicated to this cult classic and better believe me music which will bring you on a insane mindtrip from where it is hard to return! Long live the new Flesh!

Exploit 04 will be ZOLTAN´s Tribute to John Cameron and his british cult movie “Psychomania”. Frog Prog from our undead Hellriders and a wonderful tribute to this underrated Horror Moviie.

We will continue in September with 2 more titles, first another Exploit title, Exploit 05, by ORGASMO SONORE´s “Omaggio  a Bruno Nicolai ed alle sue musiche per il cinema Giallo”. A wonderful & fantastic homage to one of the greatest italian composers of all time!

Last but not least the new full length LP of German (or Italian?) fellows SOSPETTO. Cine 07 will be their second release “Non bussare alla porta del Diavolo” – surely once again a compositional Masterpiece.

Stay tuned for exact release dates and more news and updates!