Presale Start for VIDEOGRAM (Exploit 10) & PAN/SCAN (Cine 17)

August 12th we will release 2 new exciting albums by VIDEOGRAM & PAN/SCAN. Presale starting now!

VIDEOGRAM is entering the post-apocalyptic world with a wild musical journey! If you ever wanted to get down in the wasteland, the soundtrack’s right here. Intended as a mini-soundtrack for an imaginary 1980’s genre effort, Videogram drew inspiration from such vast and varied sources as Goblin’s “Buio Omega”, Paul Hardcastle, Claudio Simonetti’s solo soundtrack work of the 1980’s, novelty disco tracks and Piero Umiliani; effortlessly blending them together to create a sound that is truly his own.
“Gladiatori dell´apocalisse” contains 8 tracks and comes on 180g Splatter Vinyl housed in polylined Innersleeves and in a Gatefold Outersleeve!

Part movie score, part library music, part accoustic sculptures: the debut album "Cinematic Lies" from PAN/SCAN is a trip into the wide world of soundtrack music, evoking many different scenes and set pieces. From furious action to nightmarish horror, from zombiesque soundscapes to the opening credits of a fictional serial, there're all varieties of cinematic music represented, most of them with a delightful touch of the 80s. Hardly a reminiscence you can't find on this longplayer. PAN/SCAN took a deep musical bow to many iconic composers like John Carpenter, Christopher Young, Tangerine Dream, Goblin or Fabio Frizzi.
"Cinematic Lies" is a full length album and comes on 180g Vinyl (black or coloured version) housed in polylined Innersleeves.