Exploit 03 – Thelema “Ephemerol” Tribute to Scanners

Dusty Groove, Chicago

A 32 minute suite of sounds from Thelema – dedicated to the film Scanners and its original score by David Cronenberg and Howard Shore! The music here feels as if it’s more the group’s own, but is definitely in the spirit of the creepy movie – lots of spare organ lines that move slowly through space, mixed with some analogue electronics that are sometimes spacey, sometimes noisy – peppered with a few more electric bits that really surprised us!

(Amazing vinyl, worth the price of the record alone – kind of a yellow/brown coffee stain color, and nice and heavy!)


T H E L E M A S »Ephemerol« ist nach dem Medikament benannt, das die SC A N N E R S hervorbrachte. Doch der österreichische Ambientkomponist geht nicht den einfacheren Weg der Coverversion von Howard Shores elektronischer Filmmusik, sondern erfindet die Atmosphäre des Films aus unheimlichen Drones und filigranen Keyboardmelodien quasi neu.
Beide Vinyl-Veröffentlichungen sind auf nahezu bewusstseinserweiternd marmoriertem farbigem Vinyl gepresst und setzen den Weg des Labels konsequent fort. Für die Zukunft sind dann auch Erstveröffentlichungen italienischer Originalsoundtracks angekündigt.
↖ Dr. Marcus stiglegger

Cinema Retro # 27 by Darren Allison

Something Not for the kids

I´m keen on diversity, which is why I generally get excited when I hear from Cineploit. As a small label, the company continues to gather momentum, while ist feet remain firmly on the ground. Its two latest releases are again strictly limited to runs of 350 LP copies. Thelema’s Ephemerol(Exploit 03) is a tribute to the movie and score for Scanners(1981). Whilst this is not a cover of Howard Shore’s music, it is intended to submerge the listener into the creepy and intense atmosphere of the film. It also comes pressed in a retro yellow/brown, marbled 180g vinyl.