Exploit 05 Orgasmo Sonore – Omaggio Bruno Nicolai

Cinema Retro Darren Allison

The efforts of Cineploit really do demand applauding. Over the past couple of years their devotion to the music genres of Euro Horror, Poliziotti, Italian westerns and Giallo have begun to find broader audiences. Among the label’s artists’ is Orgasmo Sonore, a group that have already produced two previous albums of diverse delights. For their latest release, they have focused on the work of Bruno Nicolai. ‘Omaggio a Bruno Nicolai ed alle sue musiche per il cinema Giallo’ (Exploit 05) arrives in the form of a 12” 180g Vinyl mini album (45rpm) with a beautifully Euro flavoured gatefold sleeve. Containing 6 tracks (26 mins), the album is a tribute to Nicolai, selecting music from five of the composer’s Giallo soundtracks from 1971-1975. Ok, so there may not be anything new here for the Nicolai collectors, however, it has been put together exceptionally well, and if anything serves as a perfect introduction to the composers bulging body of work. The music is certainly faithful and true, ‘La Dama Rossa Uccide Sette Volte’ (or The Lady in Red Kills Seven Times) (1972) kicks off the album impressively, from its haunting childlike intro – right through to its razor sharp Harpsichord strings. Whilst still beautiful, a track such Sergio Martino’s Magico Incontro (1972) loses its edge to some degree – which is no doubt due to the absent wistful tones of vocalist Edda Dell’Orso. Dell’Orso became such an integral element of Nicolai’s (and Morricone’s) sound, it set an almost unattainable level, and there the bridge becomes blatantly apparent. Nevertheless, do not be deterred from this fine album, if anything, I find adding alternative or cover versions of my favourite composers’ work somewhat welcoming, especially when produced in quality such as these.  Orgasmo Sonore has (unobtrusively) mixed various sound bites to the music, which, as a result, also refreshes the entire concept.

Producer and band member François Rideau has delivered an excellent tribute to the legendary composer. Oh, and to add a further dash of retro flavour, the record is pressed in a glorious yellow Vinyl with blood red splatter!  Stylish, original and above all, hugely enjoyable – it’s just a shame that it isn’t fatter in terms of its content. Regardless of this, I have little doubt fans of Giallo will absolutely lap it up.

Dusty Groove

Maybe the coolest record ever from this always-great group – one of the best contemporary acts to really get the sound of vintage soundtracks right – working here in a special package that features unusual vinyl, a great cover, and some amazing music within! The tunes are all from older Italian films of the 70s, all composed by the great Bruno Nicolai – but served up here by Orgasmo Sonore in this sublime blend of keyboards, strings, and other great elements – all with the feel of some vintage Ennio Morricone production! The LP plays at 45rpm, for extra-great fidelity – but it still features a total of six tracks that include “Panic In The Elevator”, “Magico Incontro”, “Sabba”, “La Dama Rossa Uccide Sette Volte”, “Gatti Rossi In Un Labirinto Di Vetro”, and “La Coda Dello Scorpione”. (Wonderful yellow vinyl, splattered with red!)

Marcus Stiglegger, Deadline Nov. 2013

“Das umtriebige Wiener Label Cineploit hat sich mit seinen nächsten Veröffentlichungen fast schon selbst übertroffen – und das auf ohnehin hohem Niveau. Zunächst haben wir mit „Orgasmo Sonore“ eine wundervolle Hommage an die Giallo-Soundtracks von Bruno Nicolai vorliegen, die dessen verführerische Spinettthemen und pulsierenden Bassläufe authentisch rekonstruiert. Ein Höhepunkt ist auf Seite 1 das Titelthema von SCHWANZ DES SKORPIONS, das viele aktuell aus AMER  kennen dürften: Ein Geschenk, dieses Stück nun als Teil eines passenden Medleys zu erhalten, funky und geheimnisvoll. Die Covergestaltung passt zum gegenwärtigen Gelb-Kult der Giallo-DVD-Reihen. Die 12“ enthält zudem einige atmosphärische italienische Vocalsamples und ist einfach viel zu schnell vorbei (ca. 25 Min.).