The Holy See

“In the late 60s and early 70s, the infamous and somewhat mythical Villa 9 horror movie studios made a series of horror movies and TV shows which were broadcast from another dimension. The music for these productions was provided by a group of musicians from London’s Psychedelic Underground, THE HOLY SEE. Using mellotrons and tape loops, radiophonic sound effects and sitars, electric harpsichords and Hammond grooves, the band gave the movies and tv shows their lysergic atmosphere, and the music veered from haunting harpsichord led theme tunes, to atmospheric electronic interludes, to hip shaking psychedelic wig outs!”

The Holy See are absolutely thrilled to be a new addition to the Cineploit roster of artists, and we feel this is very much our spiritual home. We are hugely inspired by the soundtracks to Hammer and Amicus horror films, ITC detective TV shows, Italian horror movies, 60s/70s library music and of course counter culture psychsploitation movies like HEAD, THE TRIP and PSYCH OUT. We hope you enjoy this journey into our imaginations.

 THE HOLY SEE on Soundcloud