new VIDEOGRAM 12″ MLP (Exploit 10) this summer!

Get ready for Videogram’s post-apocalyptic “Gladiatori dell’Apocalisse” 12″ EP (Exploit 10)! This all-new record sees an expansion of the sound from his previous efforts, adding a variety of influences like Goblin,  Claudio Simonetti’s solo OST work, Paul Hardcastle, Piero Umiliani and even some electroclash to the mix. Eight songs in total, 25-minutes.

Expect an summer release date – this will be a Gatefold 12″ MLP on 180g splatter Vinyl!

New OSCILLOTRON “Cataclysm” (Cine 16) release date May 27th!

Here is the trailer for the new Oscillotron album – “Cataclysm”, premiering the artwork and a few minutes of music from the opening track. The album comes out in May 2016 on LP/CD/Digital through Cineploit. It can be pre-ordered now on black vinyl, coloured vinyl and/or CD through The full album, which includes 7 tracks at a total 40 minutes, is a natural progression from the first album “Eclipse” (2013) and further explores the universe of 70′s electronic music and old school horror/sci-fi film scores combined in a broodingly unsettling manner.
Different album versions are available, LP/CD, LP only or CD. This time we will have 250 copies as 3-coloured Vinyl and 250 black. The coloured Vinyl Version will only be available through Cineploit direct.


New albums by ORGASMO SONORE (Cine 15) & OSCILLOTRON (Cine 16)

We will continue with new full length albums by ORGASMO SONORE (Cine 15) and OSCILLOTRON (Cine 16) with release date May 27th. Preorder started, we do have LP/CD, LP and CD Version. There will be 2 different Vinyl Version, one solid black and one coloured, the coloured Version will be available via Cineploit direct only!


Some days too late but finally in stock and shipping! All pre-orders will be shipped tomorrow! Feel free to order through our shop system!

THELEMA – Beyond the Truth (Exploit 07) 12″ MLP (3-coloured Vinyl, 180g, printed Innersleeve, UV-Spot on Outer- & Innersleeve)

VIDEOGRAM – Camp Blood (Exploit 08) 10″ Picture Disc

ZOLTAN – Phantasm/Tanz der Vampire (Exploit 09) 10″ MLP (2-coloured Vinyl, 150g)

“Banned Alive!” Cannibal Documentary Trailer

Cineploit proudly can announce the production of various Documentations and Featurettes for various Genre Cinema Releases under our Filmcompany moniker Cinestrange Extreme. One of our first releases will be “Mangiati Vivi” aka “Eaten Alive” aka “Lebendig Gefressen” directed by Umberto Lenzi. We will release this Cannibal Adventure Classic first time worldwide in HD on Bluray with exclusive Bonusmaterial produced. The Italian Cannnibal Movie Genre will be revisited in this 2,5 hours film called “Banned Alive!” with exclusive Interviews with Umberto Lenzi, Sergio Martino, Ruggero Deodato, Giovanni Lombardo Radice, Massimo Antonello Geleng, Sergio D´Offizi, Marcello Avallone – in italian language with optional english subtitles and optional german synch. Here a Trailer for the Docu – expected release beginning 2016!

Cinestrange Extreme

Pre-Sales on Exploit 07-09 starting now!

Pre-Sales on our coming 3 EXPLOIT titles starting now! Following titles will be released December 18th

THELEMA “Beyond the Truth” a lovely tribute to Sydney Lumet´s visionary movie “Network” (Exploit 07) which comes as a 12″ MLP on purple/black/white Splatter Vinyl
VIDEOGRAM “Camp Blood” (Exploit 08) a perfect homage to Jason Voorhees and the Friday the 13th franchise, comes on a 10″ Picture Disc, exclusive tracks & mixes
ZOLTAN “Phantasm/Tanz der Vampire” (Exploit 09) – a 2 movie tribute by our english Synthprog heroes, 6 Songs on this brown/black coloured 10″ MLP

VIDEOGRAM “Pre-Cert” (Cine 14) Gatefold Vinyl LP in stock!

VIDEOGRAM´s Debut Album “Pre-Cert” (Cine 14) as Gatefold LP in stock now and preorders shipping monday!!!! Get your copy now, scroll down to order direct from us!

VIDEOGRAM “Pre-Cert” (Cine 14) LP & CD Preorder now!

CD Version allready in stock!!!!!

Gatefold LP Version out November 13th! Preorders welcome!

Gatefold LP/CD Set Version out November 13th! Preorders welcome!

Release dates for VIDEOGRAM, THELEMA & ZOLTAN!!!

Friday the 13th of November we will release the full LP from VIDEOGRAM titled „Pre-Cert“. This will be a quality 180g solid black Vinyl housed in a Gatefold Sleeve – first 250 copies will be equipped with the CD as a Bonus. The CD Version will be in an LP style wallet sleeve (see latest Sospetto, Orgasmo Sonore or Zoltan).

Friday the 18th of December there will be a triple attack from us in our sexy Exploit Serie!

THELEMA „Beyond the Truth“ – Tribute to Sydney Lumet´s Network (Exploit 07) 12“ MLP

VIDEOGRAM „Camp Blood“ (Exploit 08) 10“ Picture Disc

ZOLTAN „Phantasm/Tanz der Vampire“ (Exploit 09) 10“ MLP

As usual in our Exploit Serie Vinyl only! Stay tuned for further information on all!