Artworks ready!

Please check the Release section for full information on the first 2 Cineploit Releases out in April 2012!

We received wonderful hand drawn art by our friend & family member Kirchi and it all got executed in graphic brilliance by our friend & supporter Metatron.

Stay tuned for more news and exact release date!

Support Cinematic Music!


Welcome to the World of Cineploit!

Cineploit – the names says it all – Cinema & Exploitation
Cineploit was created to give music devoted to/influenced by Cinema a home.
Cinema from the good old days, the 60’s, the 70’s and even the 80’s –
Music made back then & Music devoted to these great times for film.

We will start with 2 new musical projects, Thelema and MalaBimba with full length releases in April 2012. Stay tuned and support cinematic music!