OSCILLOTRON “Eclipse” out now & shipping!

Oscillotron´s Debut Album “Eclipse” in stock now!!!

Release date 11th March all pre orders will ship this week!

LP on 180g solid black Vinyl, black Innersleeves, sealed

LP/CD Set 250 copies

20,- € incl. priority shipping all Europe & Russia

25,- € incl. airmail shipping worldwide

Digi CD

15,- € incl. priority shipping all Europe & Russia

18,- € incl. airmail shipping worldwide

Once the LP/CD Set is sold out there will be another 250 LP only!

Thelema “Ephemerol” Tribute to David Cronenberg & Howard Shore coming soon!

Spring we will release a limited edition Vinyl only release in our Exploit Series by the fantastic act THELEMA. This Tribut is a homage to David Cronenberg & Howard Shore and their masterpiece Scanners. Read below Thelema´s personal statement to this record. More info on this very soon – I got hooked on this mindtrip for the last weeks and believe me it is a wonderful interpretation of the movies vibe – very haunting, obsessive and addictive music!

This is a tribute to the Movie and Score “Scanners” made by the genius duo of filmmaker David Cronenberg and composer HowardShore. It is not a cover of the incredible filmmusic, it is intended to help the listener to fall into the creepy and intense atmosphere of the film . So prepare yourself for the scanning experience.

Long live the new flesh !

Thelema, February 2013

Go to Thelema´s Bandcamp Page and hear an 3min. excerpt of Ephemerol!